Things to Consider Before Going Out in the Boat

The allure of being out on the water and being able to drive wherever you like, just has a certain freedom and appeal that draws in more people each year. Although the idea of leaving your troubles behind by hoping in the boat and cruising out to sea does sound incredible, it is important you stop and consider a few things before the boat leaves the safety of the shore line.

boat buying1. Safety First – Before the boat engine even fires up, make certain you have enough life jackets on board for every passenger and that they are wearing them the entire time out at sea. One rogue wave could easily cause a passenger to hit their head, lose their balance, and wind up under the water without any safety device to find them.

2. Checking Equipment – The last thing you want to find out when you are miles from shore is your radio or weather monitoring device is not working properly. Storms can show up just about any time, and without a good warning you could find yourself in some serious trouble without a way to escape the oncoming forces. Make sure your phone is charged, radios have batteries, and someone knows where you are headed.

3. Paperwork in Order – The last thing you need when you are trying to enjoy some time away from the stresses in your life is getting pulled over by the marine police and you not having your papers in order. Expired documents mean serious trouble, and you could make a simple fix a major problem for you when you are miles out to sea. Check to make certain you have all your documents and they are all up to date.

4. Check Fuel – There have been thousands of reports of stranded boaters who assumed they had enough fuel, only to discover the tank was empty when they got a few miles out to sea. This can be dangerous, especially if a storm is fast approaching. Rather than trust the gauges in the boat, have a small depth stick on board to ensure your tank is full, or better yet, fuel up before you even leave the shore.

If you take the time to consider these four situations before you head out on the boat, you put yourself in the best position to have fun while cruising in your boat. It is so much easier to address these concerns at the docks then trying to find a solution stranded out at sea. For more great info like this visit: