5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for a Seamless Sale

When you make the decision to sell your home, the longer you sit waiting for a buyer the more frustrating this entire process can be. Luckily there are a few things that you can do right now to speed up the process and get the most qualified buyers into your homes for sale in Charleston SC so it can sell in a timely manner.

Charleston homes for sale1. Choosing a Realtor – The relationship between seller and realtor could last months or years, so you want to make certain you are working with the best in the industry. Take some time to ask friends or family about experiences with realtors, then go online and hit a few local discussion groups to find the best candidates.

2. The Selling Price – Be prepared to set a lower selling price than you expected if you want to sell your home quickly. Your realtor will complete a fair market analysis for your region so you know what similar homes have sold for in the past few months. Not only do you have to be competitive, you have to understand buyers are going to want to negotiate even lower, so set your bottom line well in advance of the haggling.

3. Clean Interior – Hire in the professionals to paint rooms that appear dated, steam clean carpeting that looks and smells bad, and consult with a repair team to make certain all your appliances are operating perfectly before you try and convince a buyer this could be the house of their dreams. The more you invest, the sooner you will find a happy buyer.

4. Clean Exterior – Curb appeal is everything in the real estate game, so don’t neglect the outside of the house when freshening things up. Hire painters to give the exterior a fresh new look. Call in landscapers to trim trees, bushes, and maintain the lawn. Hire a local power washing company to restore the appearance of shingles, gutters, sidewalks, driveway, decks, and the fence.

5. Pest Control – Hire a local pest control company to treat the house, then keep them on by securing an annual contract. Use the contract during the listing of the house to assure buyers thins house is rodent, pest, and termite free. This can be a huge selling point with many savvy buyers.

There you have it, five simple ways to prepare your home for a seamless sale. Take the time to really make your house appealing and potential buyers will become emotionally invested and ready to close the deal. Learn more at: Premier One