Why Real Estate Rebates are Good for Charleston Consumers

To first understand why real estate rebates are good for consumers, you need to now what these rebates are all about. The realtor selling the house for the homeowner is paid a commission, and they take a small percentage of that paycheck and give it to a potential home buyer as incentive to work as partners in the sale. Not all realtors are participating in the real estate rebate process, so it is important you discuss the details with an agent before signing a contract to work together in search of your house.

Here are a few of the reasons why real estate rebates are good for consumers:

REal Estate RebatesWorking With Aggressive Realtors
A realtor who is offering a rebate to home buyers is essentially taking a pay cut in order to get more business. Just like advertising and marketing costs, these come out of the pocket of the realtor, so they have to work harder to make up for that lost revenue. These realtors are often the busiest in the industry, and they have a growing list of happy clients who are constantly referring them even more business.These realtors do not play games, they know what you need, they work to find you the right house, and they utilize their time more effectively than those only working at real estate part time.

Getting a Bigger House
One of the advantages of getting the real estate rebate is you can use that money to get a bigger house. Your dream house may be slightly out of your price range, but with a real estate rebate it might cover the costs to jump to a bigger house because in many cases these rebates can be several thousand dollars. No longer will a few thousand dollars be the sticking point keeping you from getting your hands of the house of your dreams

Having Money at Closing
Too many home buyers walk out of closing with pennies in their pockets until they get their next paycheck. If you are getting a real estate rebate at closing, now you have several thousand dollars in cash to pay for many of the expenditures associated with getting into your new house. The money can pay for movers, for new furniture, or to cover all those mounting utility costs. The money can provide you a nice cushion to help your family make it to the next paycheck more easily while you enjoy your new home and stop fretting over money. For more info on how to collect your rebate visit: RebatesOnRealestate.com